What's our excuse? One-legged UberEATS rider inspires Stomper

Submitted by Stomper Ronald

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Ronald was inspired by the sight of an UberEATS deliveryman with only one leg near Clementi Mall this afternoon (Nov 28).

Ronald told Stomp, "He goes around on one leg and rides an e-scooter."

Ronald had observed that after parking his e-scooter, the man would continue to move to his destination using the two crutches that he carries along with him.

He later caught up and spoke to the deliveryman, wanting to see if there was a code he could use to request for food delivery services from him specifically so that he can help him.

The deliveryman replied, saying that he could only order via the UberEATS app but cannot choose the specific deliveryman.

"If I'm not wrong, he told me that he is the only deliveryman who operates in the Clementi area."

From their conversation, he said he would describe the UberEATS deliveryman as a "very nice, positive man with a cheerful attitude".

"Some people with one leg, they may just sit and beg for money but he is very inspirational, going around and delivering food to other people," added the Stomper.