What's a drone doing flying up and down at Clementi HDB estate?

Submitted by Stomper Lucy

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A Clementi resident spotted a drone flying up and down outside her 19th-storey flat on Wednesday (Feb 12).

Stomper Lucy, who lives at Clementi Avenue 1, told Stomp she was putting away her clothes at about 5.40pm when she saw the drone.

She shared with Stomp video she took of the unmanned aircraft.

"It is the first time I saw this flying so close to my block," she said.

"It flew up and down three times.

"Is this legal?"

According to OneMap, Clementi Avenue 1 falls outside the no-fly zones and within the permitted flying areas.

However, drones should not be flown higher than 200 feet (60 metres) above sea level. This is the equivalent of 12 storeys of an HDB block.

If they do this, an activity permit is required for each flight session or block of repeated flight sessions.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) website, pilots should not fly their drone over restricted, prohibited or dangerous areas, including security-sensitive locations. 

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