What rotten luck: Decomposed fruits and curry dumped on car at Whampoa block

For more than five years, car owners from an HDB block in Whampoa have lamented their vehicles getting defiled by rubbish tossed by some inconsiderate residents, including rotten fruits and curry sauce.

A 58-year-old cabby told reporters that his taxi was the latest victim in the spate of ‘attacks’ at Block 76, Lorong Limau. 

He had found some ‘mysterious substance’ on the roof his car on Monday night (July 24) at around 7.30pm, prompting him to call the police.

When reporters from Lianhe Wanbao rushed down, they found two police officers at the scene, along with the affected Silvercab taxi, a red plastic bag and some remnants of food on the cab’s roof. 

The mysterious substance appeared to be decomposed fruits and food, according to the reporters' observation.  

The cabby revealed that it was the second time that his cab had been dirtied from rubbish thrown, and that ‘countless’ other vehicles had fallen prey. 

He added that about six months ago, his taxi had been dirtied by curry sauce thrown, and he had to spend half the day cleaning up.

Said the frustrated driver:

“We (the drivers) try our best to park elsewhere.

“The time I spent to clean up the mess and call the police, I could have made over S$80.”

A 46-year-old resident said that the phenomenon has been happening daily for at least five years, and hopes that the authorities will install CCTVs to flush out the culprit. 

He added:

“It would be too late if the culprit started throwing bulky objects and they actually hit someone.”

Reporters visited the scene again yesterday (July  26), and found that someone had thrown pieces of roti prata and egg shells down again. 

When asked about the incident a police spokesman said that the case was under investigation as an act of mischief.