What paparazzi discovered after stalking Queenie Chu and bespectacled man

After a high-profile breakup with Eddie Pang back in 2015, Queenie Chu’s love life became a priority for the paparazzi.

The former beauty queen who left TVB in 2016 was been spotted on several dates in the years that followed. 

Queenie was rumoured to be dating a younger man. and was even accused of being the third party behind the separation of Daisy Ho and Ho Chi-kin.

So far, the 36-year-old Queenie has denied both claims, clarifying that the ‘younger man’ was in fact her cousin, while Ho Chi-kin was simply a friend.

Recently however, the paparazzi have spotted Queenie meeting up with an older bespectacled man at a hotel restaurant after an afternoon tea sesion with a female friend and her assistant. 

The two chatted until dinner time, reports Jayne Stars

It was revealed by the paparazzi that the man was a college professor.

The paparazzi also deduced that the two were close based on their interactions, and speculated that he could be a love interest.