What movie is it? Bukit Merah resident witnesses filming scene at HDB carpark

A Bukit Merah resident captured a filming scene at an HDB carpark recently.

The video was posted by Alfred on SBS - Sure Boh Singapore's Facebook page.

In the video, a crew had set up filming equipment to record what looked like a scene from a movie.

In one scene, a male actor ran to the aid of an elderly female actress after she was almost run over by a van.

In another, an actor was featured looking into a car boot and taking out a heavy bag before running with it out of the video camera's frame.

Alfred wrote:

"Light[s], camera, action at Bukit Merah...then at the very end one of the char bor staff walk[ed] towards my window wav[ing] and [said]... cannot shoot...lols."

He also pondered what movie they were shooting:

"Money Not Enough 3 ah?"

Any other guesses?

Watch the video below.