What happened to this poor snake on road at Jurong East junction?

A Stomper spotted a dead snake on the road at a cross junction at Jurong East Street 13 on Tuesday morning (March 14), at around 7am.

She contributed a photo of the bloodied carcass, though it is unclear how the reptile died.

Said the Stomper: "Not sure if anyone noticed it because the colour is quite similar to the road.

"Even if people noticed, I guess they couldn't have brought the dead snake to the pavement as there was quite heavy traffic in the morning.

"I feel sad even though it's just a snake, as it's still a life.

"My hubby sent a request to remove the snake using the OneService app in the evening as he thought someone should clear it away.

"He only thought of of the app in the evening as we were not sure who to contact."

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