'What happened to my other half?' Man has meltdown over 'mini' Magnum ice cream

Submitted by Stomper Joshua

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After enjoying a spicy meal for lunch, all Stomper Joshua wanted was to cool down with a Magnum ice cream bar.

But when he tore open the ice cream wrapper and got ready to dig in, he was shocked to see only half a Magnum inside.

He told Stomp that the incident, which happened on Nov 16 at 3pm, caused him to have a meltdown (no pun intended).

"My lunch was spicy, so I was ready to eat my Magnum ice cream for dessert. I switched on my Netflix, took my ice cream and was ready to eat it. But I realised that the ice cream felt very light," Joshua recounted.

"To my horror, I was actually holding half an ice cream bar! I had a full meltdown. I took an Instagram Story of my Magnum and got angry for a while.

"Then, I realised that the ice cream was melting and that I liked Magnum. Half a magnum is still a magnum what, even though it is a Magnum mini that I didn’t ask for. So I just ate it."

Joshua added that he managed to eat a proper Magnum the next day -- a full ice cream bar this time.

"My mother bought me another Magnum the next day on Nov 17. It was in the fridge and guess what, it was a full piece this time!" Joshua said.

"I didn’t take a photo of my new Magnum because I was just too excited to 'nomzz' on it. It was in my belly in an instant."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Magnum Singapore said: "Magnum stays true to pleasure with the highest quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship, and we want to assure Pleasure Seekers that quality is of utmost importance to us.

"We apologise to the consumer for the experience and invite him to reach out to us with further details so that we may fully investigate and assist on this issue."

The spokesman added that for all product feedback and queries, consumers are invited to reach out at Magnum Singapore’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MagnumSingapore.

"Consumers can also fill up a contact form at https://www.unilever.com.sg/contact/contact-form/, and our customer service team will be in touch to follow up," said the Magnum spokesman.

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