What does this man need with his "extended modified bike"?

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A man was seen riding a modified extended bicycle along Paya Lebar Road yesterday (Oct 25) at about 1pm.

Stomper Mr B and his wife were in his car driving towards City Plaza, when his wife saw the man.

She snapped a photo of the cyclist and sent it to Stomp.

In the picture, a long metallic structure is attached to the back of the bike.

Mr B said: "I think it is a danger to other motorists as the extended portion, which is easily two to three metres, is quite low, and may not be visible to vehicles driving near him."

Facebook page ROADS.sg also posted a video of the man on Facebook.


Their caption said the man cycling in the video is the same man who used an extended e-scooter last week, which was confiscated by the Land Transport Authorities (LTA).

"We are posting to highlight so that drivers and others will be on the lookout for this uncle delivering long metal bars around Paya Lebar, Upper Paya Lebar, Ubi area and Geylang area," the caption added.

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