What are you really paying for when you print flyers?

Submitted by Stomper Pamphlets Feedback

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Pamphlets Feedback was surprised when he found duplicate copies of three different pamphlets in his mailbox recently.

He told Stomp that he was reminded of the Stomp report of a SingPost postman who was sacked after he was caught on video throwing away mail, including flyers, at a condominium.

"I was amazed to see three sets of the pamphlets in duplication (two each)," said the Stomper.

"To distribute wrongly, or more by chance should be occasional.

"But is there a possibility of purposely distributing them in doubles?

"Is it as good as throwing half of them away?

"Imagine that someone paid for 5,000 leaflets, but they only reached 2,500 recipients?"

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