What a mysterious animal at condo near Bukit Timah nature reserve!

Submitted by Stomper Ashley 

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Looking out the window of her Bukit Timah condo yesterday morning (Dec 9), Stomper Ashley was surprised to see a mysterious brown animal clinging to a tree.

As she lives near a nature reserve, Ashley said it was not unusual to see monkeys or wild boars, but never once has she seen something like this.

She described the creature as having a sharp nose, gray in colour above and paler below. Its eyes were like marble balls while its body length ranges about 43cm, about the size of a cat. Its tail is roughly 27cm. It also looks like it sleeps with its eyes open.

However the condo's management quickly called in pest control, which brought in  Acres Wildlife Rescue to help with the safe capture of the animal.

"Hope they can take good care of it."

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