What a family day out is like for these wild boars in Pulau Ubin

Submitted by Stomper Clare

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Clare was at Chek Jawa, a wetland in Pulau Ubin at around 5pm last Saturday (Jun 30) when she spotted a family of wild boars.

Clare said: "The bunch of wild boars varied in sizes and were seen outside the gate to Chek Jawa.

"They were initially behind a signage but I think all of them ran over to the other side later on.

"I could not make out what were they doing but I could hear oinking sounds.

"It seemed to be a large family as there were small wild boars who looked like babies.

"I was rather afraid and did not dare to get to close to them."

Clara also added that it was her first time encountering wild boars.