What a close shave! Watch as bat fights off snake's death grip in epic battle for survival in Thailand

It is not everyday that you get to see a bat and a snake lock in an epic battle for survival. 

In The Lad Bible's video below, the snake is seen wrapping its entire body around the flying fox bat, almost squeezing the poor bat to death.

But, somehow, the fight took an unexpected twist, and the fruit bat managed to fight back and wriggle free using its wings and claws to stab at the snake's scales.

The bat then manages to crawl away from the reptile.

In the background, onlookers can be heard gasping as they watch from a beach in the Similan Islands in Thailand.

Said one witness:

"The bat is biting him!"

"Oh my gosh. I feel sorry for it," another added.

It is not known whether the bat managed to survive as it was last seen crawling desperately through the sand, using its wings to drag itself out of harm's way.