Well done, woman and Gardens by the Bay staff for helping mother bird rescue chick from drowning

All lives matter, even one that belongs to a small baby bird that you might not pay much heed to.

But let's not forget that the bird is also someone's beloved child.

Facebook user Heather Goessel was recently involved in the rescue of a whitebreasted waterhen chick, together with employees from Gardens by the Bay.

She recounted the heartwarming incident in a post on the Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook page and said, "The mother was unusually anxious dashing from one side to the other, getting into and out of the water."

Noticing the chick, Heather alerted staff on the premises.

She continued, "We rescued the chick and I stayed to make sure it was found by parent who was very happy. She made a nest nearby and encouraged the tiny wet chick over where she preened it and nestled it," adding that "every life is precious".

Like its name suggests, white-breasted waterhens have a dark upper body and white underparts. They are commonly found in Southeast Asia and are known for their louds calls during the mating season.

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