Well done! Kind van driver helps push wheelchair-bound man across road

Submitted by Stomper Cheong

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A man stopped his van by the side of the road to help a disabled person cross the zebra crossing.

Stomper Cheong was pleased when he came across the Facebook video showing the kind act uploaded by SG Roads Vigilante - SGRV.


According to the timestamp on the video, the act happened on Saturday (Aug 25) at about 1.40pm.

However, the location is unclear.

"I feel we should praise the driver," Cheong said in an email to Stomp.

"His kindness should be shared."

The post has also garnered much positive feedback online.

"Feels good to see such videos," said Facebook user Luvcool Guy.

"Great job by the van driver in helping a person in need and thanks to the person who posted this video!"