Well-deserved medal for Army guy who remained calm despite being pushed by foul-mouthed NDP visitor

The army personnel who was lauded by Stomper Angela for maintaining his professionalism despite chaos after the National Day Parade on July 23 has been awarded a medal.

In an earlier report, Angela had recounted an unfortunate encounter with a NDP spectator who insisted on taking a shortcut to Stadium MRT Station instead of following instructions from those who were regulating traffic.

Angela, an NDP volunteer, said that the man also used 'four-lettered words' on her and pushed an army personnel.

However, the latter remained firm and kept his cool.

The army guy in question, Toh Wei Xian, has been given a recognition medal for his professionalism during the incident.

Angela also expressed her great admiration for his 'patience and calm nature'.

Well done, Wei Xian!