Wedding caterer allegedly dumps curry gravy into Tampines River

It's not uncommon for restaurants and caterers to throw away leftover food, however one wedding caterer took it to the next level by allegedly dumping curry into Tampines River.

In a Facebook post on Feb 4 that has since been removed, Shirley Tan alleged that a wedding caterer at Block 408 had dumped their curry into Tampines River, which is located next to the block.















Unsurprisingly, netizens are riled up by the post, with many tagging the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Public Utilies Board (PUB) in hopes that they will take action against the caterer.

Some users called for the caterer to be named publicly so that they could boycott it.





Others decided to poke fun at the situation, with one user referencing Justin Timberlake's hit song 'Cry Me a River".








On NEA's website, it is stated that illegal dumping of waste of any kind is a serious offence.

"It pollutes the environment and can be a hazard to public health," said NEA.

The waterways in Pasir Ris are also home to our beloved otters, with one spotted by a Stomper on Nov 6.

NEA told Stomp, in response to media queries, that they received reports on 4 February 2018 on a substance resembling curry being disposed into Sungei Tampines.

Both NEA and PUB officers went down to the site immediately.

NEA is currently investigating the alleged incident.