'Waterfall' at Jelapang Rd carpark after downpour -- and it's not the first time

Submitted by Stomper Maz

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Stomper Maz was greeted by the sight of a 'waterfall' at a multi-storey carpark near Jelepang Rd on Oct 8.

The Stomper came across the 'waterfall' at around 4pm after a heavy downpour in the area.

In the video he sent to Stomp, water can be seen cascading down the staircase like a miniature waterfall. The camera then pans to show the floor flooded with water.

He wrote to Stomp:

"Here to to share yesterday's heavy downpour at Jelapang road. The water came flowing down from the upper level carpark creating a waterfall effect."

He mentioned in a telephone interview with Stomp that he usually has to avoid the area if there is heavy rain. 

The Stomper also added that "this is not the first time this has happened" and that he hopes that authorities will do something about the situation.