Watch this talented 3-year-old skater girl drop into a 1.8m half-pipe in S'pore

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She might be only three years old, but Arya Griffin is already a master when it comes to skatebording and probably braver than you were at that age.

Her mother, Stomper Kim, shared a video of Arya dropping into a 1.8-metre half-pipe in the backyard of their home all by herself on Feb 5.

Kim told Stomp: "She is the youngest ever documented to have done so in the world (to the best of my knowledge) and most certainly is the first in Singapore."

The Australian-Vietnamese Stomper and her British-Filipino husband, Mark, have lived in Singapore for the past 13 years.

The couple also have a six-year-old son, Ryder, who is equally talented at the extreme sport.

Kim said: "Both of them have been doing this ever since they were around one.

"They were taught by their daddy, who does competitive wakeboarding.

"Ryder also has weekly classes with a skate instructor."

The proud parents frequently share videos of Arya's and Ryder's adventures on their dedicated Instagram account @griffkids, along with occasional family photos.

Not only has Arya's half-pipe video gone viral on Reddit, she has even been featured on American television programme 'Right This Minute'.

Naturally, Arya's impressive feat has left netizens in awe.

One Reddit user commented: "Mad props to her. I skateboarded for years when I was younger and dropping in was one of the most intimidating things. If you hesitate at all, you’re gonna wipe out; you have to fully commit."

Another said: "Seriously impressive. I was 14 when I first tried dropping into a halfpipe and fell flat on my face. Wound up being way harder than I thought it would be."

Others also chimed in on what they themselves got up to at the same age:

  • "When I was 3 years old I crapped my pants 4 times a day, where is the recognition I deserve."

  • "One time when I was her age I went a full day without using the bathroom in my pull ups."

  • "That's nothing. When I was her age, I was three years old."