Watch NDP 2020 livestream, post birthday wishes and track mobile column on this Interactive Map

National Day in Singapore might be a little different this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that does not mean it has to be any less awe-inspiring.

For instance, the mobile column, a drive-past of military vehicles and assets, will cover a record distance of 200km for this year's National Day Parade (NDP) and salute healthcare workers as it travels past several key locations.

This is the longest distance covered by a mobile column in the heartland to date, up from last year's 133km.

This year's NDP celebrations will also be brought closer to Singaporeans at home, with various segments and activities moved to the heartlands.

There will be two livestream shows on Sunday (Aug 9) morning and evening, amongst other virtual and home activities available at different points throughout the entire day.

Want to stay in the know and participate in this year's unique celebrations? The NDP2020 Interactive Map will be your handy best friend.

Created by the NDP committee and Government Technology Agency (GovTech), the innovative map allows users — whether in Singapore or overseas — to find out details on the various activities happening in different locations islandwide on this special day.

Get real-time updates on NDP segments such as:

  • Mobile Column display

  • Red Lions Landing Zones

  • Heartland Fireworks display

  • Other National Day activities such as NDP2020: Anthem Moment and State Flag flypast

According to the NDP Committee, the map lights up with "little red dots that represent our solidarity as one united people".

You may also post your birthday wish for Singapore, which can be seen by all users on the map.

Don't want to remain stuck in front of your television? The NDP2020 Interactive Map also lets you access and view the NDP livestream on-the-go.

The NDP2020 Interactive Map can be accessed directly via your internet browser at or on the Moments of Life mobile app, which you may download using this QR code:

Happy Birthday, Singapore!