Watch how koi fish tricks otters to escape death's clutches in Singapore River

Submitted by Stomper Shyn

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A koi fish was spotted swimming on its side in an attempt to "play dead" while three otters surrounded it in the Singapore River this morning (Oct 16) at about 10am.

Stomper Shyn shared a video of the incident with Stomp.

In the video, an otter was seen going after the orange-coloured fish while two other otters swam nearby.

However, as the otter started to close in on the fish, the fish started swimming sideways near the surface of the water.

The fish then quickly swam away from the otter.

"Saw this by the Singapore River today," said Shyn, who works around the area.

"The fish is playing dead to escape capture by the otter!

"The otters lose interest in the 'dead' fish while it quickly takes its chance to spring back alive and escape quickly.

"No wonder they say koi fishes bring luck.

"They bring luck to themselves too!"