Watch how cyclist stumbles and narrowly avoids collision with lorry while trying to ride across road

Submitted by Stomper Steven

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A cyclist narrowly escaped getting hit by a lorry after attempting to cross a road while the red man was showing.

Stomper Steven shared footage of the incident taken from his friend Damien's car camera.

Steven told Stomp that the incident happened as they were about to enter the Bukit Timah Expressway near Kranji on July 20 at about 5.06pm.

In the video, the traffic lights are green in favour of motorists heading straight or turning right onto the expressway.

As a lorry in front of Damien and Steven is making a right turn, one cyclist dashes across the road at a pedestrian crossing, despite the red man showing.

Another cyclist appears to attempt the same thing but suddenly brakes to avoid a collision and stumbles by the side of the road.

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When asked on what he thinks about cyclists who exhibit dangerous behaviour on the roads, Steven said:

"I think that cyclists sometimes take advantage of the law as you can see from this guy who tried to jump the red light."