Watch how close woman came to getting run over by bus while running across road in Sembawang

Submitted by Stomper Li

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A woman had a narrow escape after dashing across a road, nearly getting knocked down by a bus in the process.

Stomper Li shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred near Sun Plaza shopping mall in Sembawang on Feb 14, at around 8.55am.

She said: "A lady ran across the road while it was the red light. The bus captain didn't notice her and didn't stop at all."

Li's video has also been making the rounds online, where it has garnered mixed reactions from netizens.

Many users slammed the woman's behaviour, with one saying it was "pure luck this lady is alive".

While several netizens felt that the bus should have slowed down, there were also those who pointed out that the pedestrian was in the bus driver's blind spot.

Another user commented: "Whether who is right or wrong, both parties must play a part."