Want a smooth ride on this taxi? Please follow these rules

Upon boarding this taxi, the first thing to greet you will be a particular set of rules that you are reminded to follow.

They include:

  1. No eating of any kind in the vehicle

  2. No drinking except for mineral water

  3. No touching of anything in the vehicle

Photos posted by a Facebook user show the set of rules listed on a board that was placed between taxi's two fronts seats.

Parts of the taxi had also apparently been wrapped with protective film.

The user, who said his wife took the pictures, expressed outraged at how there were "more rules [in the cab] than laws in Singapore".

He added that while he respected the no-eating rule, "the protective film and crap board (sic) with lousy English is bullshit".

It is unclear which taxi company this particular cab belongs to.

What do you think? Are these rules fair or do you find them unreasonable?