Blocks with wall cracks at Choa Chu Kang verified as safe by HDB

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Wall cracks spotted on the exterior walls of Block 342 Choa Chu Kang Loop and its surrounding blocks have been verified as safe by the Housing Board (HDB).

A Stomper alerted Stomp to the cracks and shared photos he took.

"It is unsafe when people pass by here," he said.

However, Chua Chu Kang Town Council (CCKTC) assured that the cracks do not pose any danger.

In response to a Stomp query, a CCKTC spokesman said the town council is aware of the cracks on the outer facade of Block 342.

"Joint inspections with HDB had been carried out on Blocks 340 to 346 in Choa Chu Kang Loop to evaluate their structural integrity and condition," the spokesman said.

"HDB has verified that all the blocks are safe.

"Their report has found the cracks in Block 342 to be minor and localised, and confirmed that the cracks do not affect the blocks’ structural safety, nor pose any danger.

"Prior to the STOMP reader’s feedback, repair works had already started in Block 345 and are slated for completion this week, barring any delay due to rainy weather.

"Following this immediately, the walls of Block 342 will be fixed.

"The Town Council is working closely with our contractors to expedite the completion of repairs as soon as possible.

"In addition, we have cordoned off the ground floor areas of the affected blocks to safeguard residents’ safety during the works.

"We seek the residents’ understanding and patience during this period."