Waitress' elderly dad 'crippled' in altercation after her boss's girlfriend accuses her of sleeping with him

Submitted by Stomper Becca

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A waitress who worked in a pub was accused by her boss's girlfriend of sleeping with him, leading to an altercation where the waitress' father was seriously injured.

Stomper Becca said the incident happened outside the pub at Upper Thomson Road on July 9 and she was with her fiance and her dad.

She told Stomp that her father, who is in his 70s, was there because he wanted to help.

The Stomper claimed her boss's girlfriend's friend's boyfriend attacked the three of them.

"We tried defending ourselves, but it ended up he took the easy road and attacked my dad," said the Stomper.

Her father was allegedly pushed, causing the elderly man to trip over a step and fall.

The Stomper said he has been crippled since then as he is "very fragile" due to his age.

She shared a photo of her father's left leg in a cast with a walking frame on TikTok, where she wrote: "Basically all this happened because obviously my boss has lots of girlfriends and one turned out to be crazier than the others.

"So straight to the point, she basically accused me of sleeping with my boss, which of course never happened.

"I explained over and over again, and tried to talk things out with her but she's too ignorant. The fact that both of them (boss and girlfriend) areĀ married to different people, it's just messed up that she got me involved in their three-year-old charade and I've had enough."

She told Stomp she quit the job after that day.

The Stomper said she had made a police report.