Wafers, two sauces being recalled after SFA finds undeclared allergens in them

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has ordered the recall of three products after undeclared allergens were found in them.

In a statement on Tuesday (Sep 6), SFA said that egg white and wheat flour were found in wafers imported by Sinhua Hock Kee Trading from Japan.

Sulphur Dioxide was found in two different sauces from Indonesia.

The affected products are ABC Sweet Soy Sauce, with an expiry date of June 26, 2024, and imported by New Intention Trading Co; ABC Sambal Ayam Goreng Sauce, with an expiry date of Jan 6, 2024, and imported by Arklife Distributors; and Fukutoku Seika Soft Cream Wafers, with an expiry date of April 20, 2023.

The ABC Sambal Ayam Goreng Sauce was also found to contain benzoic acid, which was not declared on the food packaging labels.

Both the levels of sulphur dioxide and benzoic acid detected fall within the maximum levels permitted in sauce.

"Allergen in food could result in allergic reaction in individuals who are sensitive to it," SFA said.

Under the Singapore Food Regulations, food products containing ingredients that are known to cause hypersensitivity must be declared on food packaging labels to safeguard public health. 

All ingredients in prepacked food should also be specified on the product label in descending order of the proportions by weight in which they are present.

The presence of sulphur dioxide, egg white and wheat flour allergens does not pose a food safety issue to consumers at large, except for those who are allergic to these allergens. 

SFA advises consumers who have purchased the affected products, and who are allergic to the allergens, to not consume them.

Consumers may contact their point of purchase for enquiries.

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