Volkswagen driver shows middle finger and hand gesture even though it's 'not my fault'

Submitted by Stomper Xav

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A Volkswagen driver made a hand gesture and flashed his middle finger at a fellow motorist for no apparent reason.

Stomper Xav shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred at a carpark in Bukit Timah on January 30, at around 6.05pm.

Xav said: "This is at the open-air carpark by Chun Tin Road and Jalan Seh Chuan. I was in my car with the dashcam.

"I was exiting my parking lot when I saw a car coming out without checking his right side. I proceeded to brake, and didn’t honk at the guy so as to not surprise him.

"But to my surprise, he went ahead and showed some hand gesture although it wasn’t my fault and proceeded to point the middle finger.

"It's really uncalled for."

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