Vivian Chow praised for looks but criticised over singing in reality show debut

Candice Cai
Oct 23, 2018

Easy on the eyes but not so on the ears? That's the criticism lobbed at veteran Hong Kong singer Vivian Chow, after her recent appearance on a Chinese singing reality show.

The audacity, we know.

The ever-youthful 90's pop icon, dubbed 'Sect Leader of Virginal Maidens' for her squeaky-clean image, recently appeared on China's Mask Singer Season 3, a competition where well-known entertainers are veiled behind outrageous masks while they sing.

According to reports, Chow has never appeared on the Chinese reality show circuit, so her appearance on the show was a surprise to many.

She reportedly agreed to go on the show as a favour to her good friend and judge, Leo Ku, who knew she would appear on the episode.

But Ku played along and joked to judges on the panel, who included Eric Moo and Patty Hou, that the mystery singer looked like she could be Rosamund Kwan.

Malaysian singer-songwriter Moo immediately exclaimed: "Are you crazy? If it were Rosamund Kwan, she'd have been disqualified during the auditions and not even make it here!", drawing laughter all around.

As usual Chinese netizens were in praise of Chow's porcelain skin and lithe figure, as well as her loyalty to her friend. Looks aside, however, detractors online were quick to criticise her singing after the episode aired on Sunday (Oct 21).

They ruthlessly picked on her less-than-perfect Mandarin enunciation, as well as her breathless singing voice and 'old-fashioned' singing style.

Despite the savage comments, Chow posted on Instagram that she had a "good time" on the show, and that singing behind a mask was a fun experience that allowed her to immerse herself emotionally in the song.

The notoriously private star, who returned to the stage in 2004 after a period of semi-retirement, recently held her 30th anniversary concert in Macau this year.