Visually impaired woman suffered kidney failure at 13 years old, finally gets a transplant after 10 years

A visually impaired woman, Chen Xing En, now 23, finally got a lung transplant after being placed on the waiting list for 10 years. 

Ms Chen was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at three years old, a condition which leads to the degradation and gradual loss of sight. 

Tragedy struck once again when she was 13. 

It started when Ms Chen experienced severe nausea, and regurgitated whatever she tried to eat.

Things got so bad that she could not even drink water. 

After getting hospitalised for three days, she was informed that her kidneys had failed, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

The sudden ailment weighted heavily on Ms Chen, and she professed she felt that it was worse than losing her sight. 

Ms Chen proceeded to undergo peritoneal dialysis at home, but after a third major infection, she was moved to a dialysis centre to receive haemodialysis.

She was informed that she would have to wait around six to seven years for a suitable kidney. 

However, there was still no news after seven years, and Ms Chen and her mother grew disheartened. 

Despite that, the mother-and-daughter duo continued supporting each other.

Good news finally came after 10 years. 

On Oct 11, 2017, just a month before Ms Chen’s birthday, she was informed that a suitable kidney had become available.

The aforementioned kidney came from a donor who passed away in an unfortunate accident. 

Ms Chen said she does not know the donor’s gender or age. 

She said:

“I’m very grateful for the kidney.

“I feel very relieved that I no longer have to undergo dialysis.

“The process is really draining.”

Ms Chen is currently a student at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and said she hopes to become a teacher in the future.