Viral video of pedestrian diving out of way of police chase in Malaysia? No, it's just a movie shoot

Seen a viral video supposedly showing a pedestrian diving out of harms way during a dramatic police chase in Penang?

Don't worry, it's just a scene being filmed in a Hong Kong movie being shot in Penang.

A clip of the incident was shared on All Singapore Stuff with the caption stating, "Lucky man dives out of harm's way in dramatic Malaysian police car chase".

However, netizens who viewed the video pointed out in the comments that the video actually showed the filming of a Hong Kong movie being shot in Penang.

All Singapore Stuff soon updated its caption to highlight that it was a movie shooting, as pointed out by netizens.

The clip shows a van speeding down a street, prompting pedestrians to run out of its way.

Just as the van rolls over some parked motorcycles, a pedestrian dives out the way of the oncoming vehicle.

One netizen who commented even shared a photo showing a notice supposedly filed by the movie production company for the permission to shoot at that location.

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