Viral video of businessman throwing casino winnings at bystanders didn't happen at MBS

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A video showing a man throwing wads of cash at passers-by has gone viral.

Although texts that accompanied the video alleged that the incident happened at the Marina Bay Sands Casino, it has been debunked as fake news as this did not happen in Singapore.

Several Stompers alerted Stomp to the video that had been circulating on WhatsApp where a businessman, who had reportedly won $130 million after gambling with $500,000, took out $10 million of his winnings and threw it at passers-by.

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In the video, a huge crowd of people are waiting around the entrance of a luxury brand store that is barricaded by men dressed in black from head to toe.

The businessman then exits the store and throws a wad of notes into the air and at the bystanders who are seen rushing forward to where the cash is being thrown with outstretched hands.

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Because of his resemblance to a prince in Malaysia, the 35-year-old has been dubbed "Malaysia Prince" by Chinese media.

According to several news outlets, the businessman in the video, Wong Chi-Hua is indeed from Malaysia.

He allegedly brought $500,000 to a casino in Macau and gambled for an entire day, leading to winnings amounting to $130 million, which was approximately 260 times more than the amount of money he initially had.

Wang then decided to share his windfall with onlookers. Some of the passers-by claimed that they got about $2,000 from him.

Wang was later spotted in a Chinese restaurant located in one of the hotels in Macau, giving money to a chef as well.

According to media outlets, Wang has been patronising the said casino for nearly two years and is regarded as one of their VIPs. 

He is often seen with thick, gold chains around his neck and gold rings upon his fingers while being accompanied by bodyguards.

He is also a fan of flamboyant clothing and enjoys lining tables with his cash when gambling.

Wang is said to dabble in properties, cars, and jewellery. He also does charitable acts on a regular basis. 

Wang allegedly went back to Southeast Asia after hitting the jackpot.

Another Chinese news site, however, warned the public against gambling addiction and to be wary of Wang's antics.