Vietnamese couple allegedly selling 'fresh and raw' dog meat in JB for $6 per kg

In a disturbing post on Facebook dated April 1, the Malaysian Animal Association (MAA) said that a Vietnamese couple was recently discovered selling dog meat in Johor Bahru. 

An upset animal lover apparently confronted the vendors over the incident and told them: "You want to come to Malaysia, then you should respect the culture here," reports the New Straits Times

"I know some people will definitely ask me if I am vegetarian.  I just wish to say that humans already consume a huge variety of things. If we can avoid eating something else, we should."

She continued: "Many people with disabilities and police officers use dogs to help them.

"People will also say, 'So a cow isn’t alive then? Or a chicken?'

"I don’t wish to repeat myself. I personally keep dogs as pets."

It was later discovered that the couple even runs a Facebook page where they advertise the ‘fresh and raw meat’ for $6 per kg.

In a post by the couple, photos of the man reaching prying open a dog that has been cooked and sliced open is shown. 

Even worse, just a day later, the MAA revealed that several Vietnamese were caught selling cat meat in Selangor.

It was revealed that the Vietnamese vendors were selling the cat meat to locals.

Their horrendous deeds were reportedly uncovered after they ‘adopted’ one too many cats. 

Despite the inhumanity of the trade, there is nothing that MAA can do to stop these vendors, as the killing and consumption of cats and dogs is not an offence in Malaysia. 

However, MAA pointed out that killing cats and dogs for consumption is against guidelines by the Department of Veterinary Services. 

Wrote MAA: "It is saddening to see there are no specific laws to punish people who eat cats and dogs in Malaysia."