Videos show why cyclist with 'extended modified attachment' is a safety hazard on the road

Submitted by Stomper Chris

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A bicycle was seen with an 'extended modified attachment' on Oct 19 at about 1.15pm along Lorong 33 Geylang.

Stomp reported a similar incident on Oct 25 about a bicycle with the same metal extension.

It is unclear whether the cyclist is the same as that of the previous article. 

In this latest incident, Stomper Chris captured a video of the cyclist with his in-car camera.

The cyclist was cycling right in front of Chris before it turned right into Sims Avenue.

In the video, the bicycle had turned right as a silver car was approaching from the oncoming traffic on the same lane.

The car had braked to avoid hitting the extended portion of the bicycle.

Chris said: "When I saw the bicycle pass the car, I was relieved. It would have been a pity if the car had hit the bicycle and gotten scratched or damaged."