Passengers get into heated argument with Uber driver over uberPOOL dispute

A video of a Uber driver, in a dispute with two passengers, has been circulating on Facebook.

The video was shared by All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page, and started off with the driver saying that the two passengers had cursed at him after booking multiple destinations. 

He then pointed the camera at one of the men, who was in a grey blazer.

The man in grey snapped at him, uttering, ‘f*** you’. 

However, the driver did not back down, and taunted him instead, replying:


“Why, f*** me?”

That only made the man in grey angrier and he swore at the driver again. 

The driver then explained that the man had booked for an uberPOOL ride, and as such, cannot have multiple destinations. 

While he was explaining, the other man in white, supposedly a friend of the man in grey, pushed the driver’s phone away.

The driver quickly told the man, ‘I have the right to record. Don’t touch my things. Don’t touch me.’

The man in grey replied that his friend did not book a ride separately and was just joining him on his ride.

As the driver got down to rebuking his claim, the man in white tried again to push the recording phone away.

The driver then shouted, ‘Don’t touch me! You touch me, I will hit you. It’s self-defence.’

The man in white asked him, ‘did I touch you?’

This caused the driver to fly into rage, saying, ‘you just touched my things!’

“Go, back off!” the driver warned the man, while raising his arm.

The man in white tried to brush off the driver arm, saying:

“I never touched you!

“You are the one touching me!”

This prompted the driver to push his finger against his chest, while asking him to back off. 

The video ended with the driver asking the two once again, not to touch his things.