Video of woman 'drowning' in City Square Mall's suspended ball pit goes viral

A woman experienced the fright of her life when she found herself unable to get out of a sea of balls at the newly opened suspended ball pit in City Square Mall on Feb 3.

Bloggers Vivien and John Low posted a video on their Facebook page, Beautiful Chaos, of their visit to the three-storey Airzone, touted as the world's first net playground built in a shopping centre atrium.

Vivien, who has a fear of heights, wrote how she lost balance in the pit and fell backward.

"I could not reach the bottom and I could not stand up," she wrote.

"I tried to roll over, I couldn’t. 

"I tried to find the net so I could grip it, I couldn’t. 

"My son was stuck inside too. 

"I panicked and waved and screamed for help. 

"None came. 

"I seriously panicked and did not know what to do."

Eventually, she managed to stabilise herself with the help of another person.

She wrote that she pulled her son out and two other kids with her, who were in the pit alone:

"The girl was crying and I think she went out after the incident."

She added that the balls were up to her armpits while standing and noted that she is 1.72m tall.

However, she said she will continue to bring her kids there but will ensure an adult goes in with them.

"Well yes it was fun, just not entirely suitable for young kids," she wrote. 

"Adult supervision needed. 

"Lots of it."

In response to the Facebook post, Airzone apologised for their experience and said that it will be reviewing the number of balls included in the pit.

They will also ensure that their first-aid trained staff will be swifter in their response to those who need help.