Family of otters at Changi Airport airside guided back to Changi Beach: CAG

Singaporeans have been amused by the frequent appearances otters have made all over the island.

From Marina Bay to Bishan and Pasir Ris, these adorable furballs have been a source of delight for one and all.

Most recently, a video of a family of otters has been circulating on Facebook, showing them frolicking below Singapore Airlines planes on a tarmac.

Stomp can confirm that this happened at Changi Airport this morning (Nov 14).

Although some were amused by them, several online users have expressed concerned at how dangerous it is for the otters to be there.

In response to Stomp media queries, a Changi Airport Group (CAG) spokesman said:

"Changi Airport’s surveillance system detected a family of otters that made their way into the airside early this morning. The Airside Safety team was activated to guide the otters safely out towards Changi Beach. There was no disruption to airport operations.
"Otter sightings are a rare occurrence on Changi’s premises. Besides regular wildlife patrols, a surveillance system is in place to prevent and detect Foreign Object Debris, including wildlife. Safety is a top priority at Changi Airport – should any wildlife be detected on the runway, flight operations will be halted temporarily so that the safety team can attend to the situation immediately."

Watch the video below.

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