Video of girls getting thrown into snake pit during school camp in Malaysia will make you want to hug your kids close

While Singaporean parents might worry if school orientation camps here are too racy for their children, their Malaysian counterparts have vastly different concerns.

Recently, a video showing school girls being forced to walk through a muddy pit filled with snake has surfaced online.

The routine was part of a team-building exercise at a camp supported by the Malaysian Civil Defense Department according to Asiantown. 

In the three-minute long video, the girls were seen screaming as they waded through the murky waters of a pit, which they were told, contained two pythons.

Meanwhile, more snakes were thrown in as the group progressed through the pit.

Instructors off-screen could also be heard issuing orders, and telling the girls to “get in and dive”, while another person was seen spraying them with a hose. 

Laughter could also be heard in the background during the process.

The camp, a joint effort between the Malaysian Civil Defense Department and a school, was held in the western state of Perak, Malaysia.

Following the circulation of the video, four coaches and six assistants have been suspended. 

Watch the video below.