Video of explosion in Tuas? No, this clip has been around since 2015

A video of an explosion that allegedly which happened during a fire at a Tuas waste management plant on Thursday (Feb 23) has been revealed to be circulating online since at least 2015.

The video has been shared by many on social media users who captioned that it happened during the blaze in Tuas.

But other eagle-eyed netizens realised that the location shown in the video does not look like Tuas.

The huge fire that broke out at ECO Special Waste Management at 6am today was put out after four hours.

Explosion-like sounds were heard as firefighters battled the blaze at 23 Tuas View Circuit.

But these were not the enormous blasts shown in the video now being circulated online and on WhatsApp.

A longer version of the same video was posted on YouTube by a user known as Ahmed Treiban in November 2015, titled "Chinese gas plant explosion".

But other YouTube users commented that the video looked more like a controlled explosion.

One user known as Antero Vipunen said that it was a film set, and highlighted that a camera crane can be seen near the explosion.