Video of passers-by oblivious to suspicious bag at Bedok shows how complacent we can be

Sureboh Singapore recently uploaded a video recorded by a reader who spotted a suspicious bag that was left unattended at a public space behind Block 511, Bedok North Street 3, on Monday (Jun 26).

In the video, a green bag could be seen on the pavement, and there was a constant stream of people who passed by it, none of them stop to investigate or even call the police. 

It was only until two police officers arrived on the scene to inspect the bag that the passers-by started taking notice.

The video ends with a reminder: "So many passers-by and people at the coffeeshop, but no one paid attention to the suspicious bag.

"Singapore is a safe place but let us not be complacent and be more vigilant!"

It is unclear who placed the bag there.