Video: Man caught swapping out slippers for Geylang Bahru resident's

Submitted by Stomper Andy

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Stomper Andy returned home to find his slippers missing from a shoe rack outside his apartment, while someone else’s was abandoned on the corridor. 

The incident happened yesterday (Oct 3) at Block 58, Geylang Bahru. 

Andy reviewed the footage from surveillance cameras placed outside his flat, and discovered that a man had exchanged his slippers with Andy’s at around 2.50pm.

Andy sent the videos to Stomp. 

In the videos, the man could be seen taking a pair of slippers from the shoe rack. 

As the man was carrying a horn, Andy theorised that he could be a rag-and-bone man. 

Said Andy:

“This is the first time an incident like this has happened.

“This man took my slippers and left his stinky slippers behind, thinking no one can see.

“Just wanted to share this with everyone, so they can be aware of him.”

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