Vezel driver almost knocks down woman after not stopping at zebra crossing

Stopping at a pedestrian crossing to check for people who are crossing the road is pretty basic knowledge in Singapore.

Motorists, pedestrians, even children here know this.

But sometimes we encounter people like this Honda Vezel driver who makes us question if it is even safe to be on or use the roads.

In a clip posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, credited to Steven Long, a woman crosses a junction using the pedestrian crossing.

However, she is forced to stop in her tracks when a Honda Vezel driver simply speeds past the crossing instead of stopping to let pedestrians pass.

The woman stares at the passing car, and proceeds on her way.

Other motorists can be seen stopping to let pedestrians pass in the same clip.

The end of the video also shows that a police report was filed about the incident.