Vehicles run over bowls on road that fell out of truck in Jurong West: 'Cracks can be heard'

Submitted by Stomper Mel

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Motorists driving along Jurong West Central 3 were bowled over by empty dishes that fell out of a truck on Feb 23 at around 7.45am.

Stomper Mel shared photos showing two overturned crates and bowls spilled over to both sides of the road with some having been crushed to bits presumably by passing vehicles.

The truck had stopped and several people can be seen picking up the bowls and stacking them on the road divider.

The Stomper recounted: "A truck was driving along Jurong West Central 3 when some of its load crashed onto the road, creating a mess of bowls and broken pieces.

"Cracks can be heard as other vehicles drove over the affected area. Many of said vehicles took caution and slowed down but continued driving past.

"A bus driver slowed to a stop by the side of the road and got out to help pick up the bowls and broken pieces, and push away any remaining sharp pieces.

"Along with him, a passer-by and a passenger from the bus can also be seen lending a hand."

The Stomper said it was over in around 10 minutes.

The truck belonged to an offsite dishwashing company. Stomp understands that the dishes fell out of the truck because the latch on the vehicle's door was faulty.