Van driver refuses to give way to motorist then jerks forward, almost hitting him

Submitted by Stomper William

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Being courteous and considerate are important qualities for all drivers to have especially when you find yourself in the same situation Stomper William was recently in.

On June 9 at about 3.45pm, he was driving in a carpark near Block 450C Bukit Batok Avenue 6 when he came face-to-face with two other drivers on a one-way lane.

William told Stomp that the residential area is a new Built-To-Order location and therefore sees a lot of workers and contractors coming in and out.

"They usually park along the side of the road, leaving just one lane open for vehicles to travel," said William.

He gave way to the first vehicle he came face-to-face with, a white car, despite road markings indicating that he had right of way.

"I did it out of courtesy and let him pass by because I saw that he had no space to pull over," said the Stomper.

However, when William encountered a van further down the same lane, he was taken aback by how inconsiderate the driver was.

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"The driver had space to the left that he could have pulled over to let me through," he said.

"However, he didn't move and instead shifted gears and jerked his vehicle forward to mere inches away from the front of my vehicle.

"He then stared at me angrily."

After a while, the van driver's passenger gestured to an opening he could reverse into on the right before he made way for William.

"I think if I were an old man, I could have had a heart attack because of his aggressive behaviour," he said.

"Most people are courteous in this area and give way to those who have the right of way but this guy expected me to reverse all the way to the back to make way for him."