Van driver flashes middle finger at mother with child, tries to open car door at Bedok Reservoir Road

Submitted by Stomper Joyce

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A van driver was caught on video attempting to open another vehicle's door and pointing his middle finger at a woman who was with her child.

Stomper Joyce shared the video with Stomp and said it happened along Bedok Reservoir Road on Nov 17 at about 2.21pm.

"I met this road gangster at a traffic light," she said.

Joyce had just picked her eight-year-old daughter up from school when the man reportedly started honking at her near Block 630 Bedok Reservoir Road.

"He was driving at such a fast speed and frightened my daughter.

"When I stopped, he came out of his vehicle and banged on my window and pointed his middle finger at me.

"He also tried to open my car door while scolding and threatening me."