Van driver elbows TP officer during arrest along Stamford Road, drug-related paraphernalia seized

Submitted by Stomper Cheers

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A 43-year-old man was arrested following a routine patrol by Traffic Police (TP) officers along Stamford Road earlier this morning (Feb 27).

Stomper Cheers said he witnessed the man, a van driver, at the scene with three officers at around 8am.

"His van was parked at the roadside," added Cheers.

A police spokesman told Stomp that the driver was found to have an outstanding warrant of arrest when a check was conducted on his van during the routine patrol at 7.57am.

"He was uncooperative and elbowed an officer during the arrest," said the police.

Suspected drug-related paraphernalia were also seized from the man’s vehicle.

Investigations are ongoing.

In a statement to Stomp, the police added that they "take a serious view against persons who obstruct police officers from carrying out their duties or cause them physical and verbal harm".

Any person convicted of voluntarily causing hurt against public servant in the discharge of his duty can face imprisonment of up to seven years, or with a fine, or with caning, or with any combination of such punishments.

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