Van driver challenges man and poses for photos after blocking cars at AMK carpark

Submitted by Stomper Chen

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A van driver was unrepentant about obstructing traffic at a carpark in Ang Mo Kio and even challenged a man to take photos — which he gladly posed for.

Stomper Chen said the incident occurred at the carpark at Block 458 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 on February 21, at around 11.53am.

He recounted: "I was going to the hospital to pick up my wife after her chemotherapy, but found my car blocked by this Lalamove van driver who had parked horizontally across three vehicles while doing his delivery in the nearby blocks.

"I waited more than 10 minutes for him to return. I told him that in future he should park his van in the carpark lots instead of blocking others, since there were many lots available during that time.

"But this driver just shouted and acted arrogantly. He said, 'Why wait a while also cannot ah?'

"I told him that if this was his attitude, I would take a photo and complain to Lalamove. So he challenged me to do it and even posed for the photos.

"As you wish."

Photos that Chen shared with Stomp show the driver posing in front of his van, which can be seen parked horizontally across three cars.

Chen said that the van driver left after posing for the pictures.

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