Van collides with car at Xilin Avenue junction

Submitted by Stomper Ming Khoon

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A van collided into a car at a junction along Xilin Avenue on Wednesday (Nov 21) at about 10.30pm.

Stomper Ming Khoon's wife witnessed the incident and her in-car camera captured the crash.

Following his wife's request, Ming Khoon sent the footage to Stomp.

He said: "My wife wants to help the people involved in the accident by providing them with evidence of the crash. She hopes the video will help them in any insurance claims they wish to make."

In the video, the Stomper's wife is on the rightmost lane waiting to turn right.

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A black van on her left can be seen travelling straight on and collides with a white car turning right.

The car remains stationary while the van stops further up the road.

The video ends with the car driver alighting the car.

After watching the video, the Stomper said: "I think this junction seems quite accident prone.

"I was reminded of the fatal accident involving a girl from the National University of Singapore and a taxi driver in Clementi that happened earlier this year.

"I believe steps should be taken to ensure that this junction is safer."

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