Love Story: I was too shy to approach her as I was 13 years older and shorter

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Shaidillah was too shy to approach his new colleague as she was 13 years younger than him, and taller.

To his surprise, one day, she revealed that she admired him.

And this sparked a relationship that would give him the courage to finally propose to her.

Shaidillah shares his love story:

"2014 was the year my heart opened up for someone special. We started to work in the same company.

"I used to admire her. But I was too shy to confess that I was in love with her.

"Until one day in Nov 2014, when she told me that she admires me.

"To me, it was unbelievable that a young girl would love an old guy like me. I am shorter than her as well.

"But because of love, things like age, looks, height and background were no longer an issue.

"On Feb 2015, I gathered all my courage and proposed her. And she accepted.

"We got married in Nov 2015. That eight months, I worked every single without any off days, just for our marriage savings.

"Thank God, we manage to settle down as per our plan. Till now, I do love her so much.

"Even during our courtship, there were lots of ups and downs.

"And the best thing about her is that she is very protective, loving, caring and humble.

"Whenever I am down she will make me smile.

"And I do the same for her.

"And now our nick name has become ShyeNora.


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