US TikToker gripes about people looking at phones at Chinatown MRT station, causing bottleneck

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Dec 1, 2023

It’s a common sight on the MRT – people glued to their phones.

And one US expat has gone on TikTok with a plea to these commuters to be more considerate.

“Put your phone down,” said Jenna, who moved to Singapore 10 months ago.

In her minute-long video, the TikTok user shares how she loves taking the MRT to work and not having to “deal with traffic”.

But the US expat then goes on to gripe about her experience when changing trains at Chinatown station.

“There is always a bottleneck when entering and exiting the escalator and it’s made worse by people looking at their phones,” she said.

“When you’re looking at your phone, you lose spatial awareness and your movements are unpredictable.

“People can’t really get around you efficiently,” Jenna added.

She admitted that she likes to “dissociate” and look at her phone too, but asked that commuters put their phones away “just for a second” when around the escalator.

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Many of those who commented on the video complained of similar experiences.

Wrote one of them: “You are right! It’s super annoying when they’re using their phone while walking especially during peak period.”

“Many are oblivious to their surroundings,” someone said.

Another pointed out: “Why only Chinatown MRT station? This occurs everywhere in Singapore.”

The general consensus? Those using public transport can be a lot more gracious.

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