US guy walks into grocery store carrying his mother's severed head and stabs clerk multiple times

A 36-year-old American man has been charged with the murder of his 59-year-old mother and attempted murder of a 66-year-old clerk in Oregon.

He had given people in the neighbourhood grocery store a shock when he walked in covered in blood with one hand holding a kitchen knife and the other holding the severed head of his mother.

Terrified customers ran out of the store while Joshua Lee Webb headed straight towards a store clerk named Michale Wagner, stabbing him multiple times, reported The Washington Post.

Other store employees managed to grab the knife away from him and pinned him down until the police arrived at the scene.

All of this happened on Mother's Day (May 14) of all days.

He was charged on May 15 and has been booked into Clackamas County Jail.